The following examples of audio & lighting packages are just a taster of what we can offer. We recommend you discuss with us about your exact requirements, so we can tailor a package specifically for your event. 

All the prices quoted are for dry hire of equipment only, delivery, setup and technician labour cost is charged extra. 

Approximate cost to deliver and setup a small PA system is £20 per way within 15 miles of Stroud. Please get in touch for an accurate price of delivery for your area.


We understand that sometimes the budget just simply isn't there, so here at Connect Audio Visual we offer an economy range to offer more choice and affordability.


Small Speech PA

Perfect for just lifting your voice above the audience for those speeches.  

1 x Active Mackie Speaker
1 x Speaker Stand
1 x Shure Microphone with stand and cable.
Or upgrade to a shure BLX24 wireless Mic for Just £10 extra!

Hire: £40


Small Band PA

Small band PA that will cope with vocals and some acoustic guitar.

2 x Active Mackie Speakers with stands and cables.

2 x Shure SM58 Microphones with stands and cables

1 x Allen & Heath Zed-10 analogue mixer.

Hire: £80


For when clarity of sound is top priority!


Martin Audio F12+ Package

2 x Martin Audio F12+ Mid tops

2 x Speaker Stands & Cables.

1 x Lab.Gruppen FP3400 Amplifier.

Hire: £80 


Martin Audio X15+ Package

2 x Martin Audio X15+ High power mid tops.

2 x Speaker stands and cables.

1 x Lab.Gruppen FP6400 Amplifier

Hire: £100   

Small Sound System
2 x Martin Audio F12+ Mid Tops
2 x Impulse Audio Subwoofers
1 x Amp rack and Speaker Processor
1 x Stands and cables for system
Perfect for discos and wedding celebrations (our most popular) 
Good for approx 180 people.
Hire: £175 

Medium Sound System

2 x Martin Audio X15+ Bi-amped
4 x Impulse Audio 18" Subwoofers
1 x Amp rack & Speaker Processor
1 x Stands and cables for system

Perfect for louder DJ parties for that club vibe!

Good for approx 350 people.

Hire: £250

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